What Is the Gut Microbiome?

Bio Complete 3 is an “all-in-one” supplement that contains prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to promote a healthy gut microbiome. The gut microbiome refers to the bacteria that naturally reside within the human gut.

Bacteria are responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates, the creation of some vitamins and amino acids, and other features that ensure we are protected from harmful pathogens.

Lifestyle factors, such as stress and unhealthy eating habits, can negatively affect the diversity of the bacterial colonies in your gut which can lead to various health problems, including digestive issues, obesity and other diseases.

There is a saying “you are what you eat” and it’s true – 70% of your immune system resides in the small intestine, so if your gut bacteria isn’t healthy, then your immunity can suffer.

Adding healthy bacteria can help balance your diet and relieve symptoms of digestive problems. Probiotics are also a lot easier to ingest than some other supplements.

There have been studies that indicate that a probiotic supplement can help improve your gut health by increasing the beneficial bacteria in it and relieving symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. They can also improve the efficient function of your immune system.

Prebiotics are a kind of fiber that support the growth of good bacteria in your gut. The theory is that by feeding them, they’ll grow and fight off other harmful strains.

Several studies show that the microbiome changes when prebiotics are taken over time.

Postbiotics are a form of new gut microbiome research that needs additional exploration. It has the potential to be another important development in the field.

Postbiotics could play a role in the formation of your gut microbiome and immune system health.

People firstly need to consume right type of food to get what their body needs.

Probiotics are in some fermented foods like yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut, kefir, and kombucha.

Bananas, apples and oats are all good sources of prebiotics. But the postbiotics theory suggests that their fermentation process creates more colonies. This means that certain fermented foods may also offer a decent dose of these compounds.

Many people report that when they regularly take a probiotic supplement in addition to eating a healthy diet, they experience better digestive health.

One of the things that we would like to point out is that Gundry’s “all-in-one” marketing is a bit concerning.

We think this type of language and labeling may lead people to rely on a supplement instead of actual food to obtain the prebiotics and probiotics needed to support digestive health and the microbiome.

It is confusing to hear Dr Gundry say that lectin-containing plants such as tomatoes, potatoes and other beans are harmful for gut health. This gives people the idea that you should eat fewer plant-based foods, which could really be a bad thing.

Evaluation of Ingredients

Bio Complete 3 only lists three ingredients, all of which are labelled as proprietary blends owned by other companies

It’s hard to know what you are actually taking from these products, as it is not mentioned on the packets. We looked at a few and here’s what happened:

facts bio complete

Tributyrin (1000 mg, as CoreBiome)

Tributyrin makes up the postbiotic portion of Bio Complete 3. It’s sourced as CoreBiome from a company called Compound Solutions, Inc.

Tributyrin is a triglyceride that supplies the short-chain fatty acid butyrate to the body.

Butyrate, together with other SCFAs, can be produced by gut bacteria as they ferment certain types of food. The SCFAs then become energy for the cells that line our digestive tract.

There are no studies as of now that show a positive effect from tributyrin on the human gut microbiome or gut lining. Most such studies have been conducted in animal and lab settings.

It seems that tributyrin reduces oxidative stress in rodents with high ethanol intake. More research is needed in humans to say if this dosage of tributyrin has benefits or not.

Sunfiber (200 mg)

Our fiber product, Sunfiber, is a prebiotic manufactured by Taiyo International. It’s a soluble fiber powder that has been shown to have many beneficial properties including improving gut health and having antioxidant benefits.

The product in question is certified as organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, kosher, and low FODMAP. Though what it’s composed of isn’t clear from the information provided on the website, these certificates are worth mentioning.

In a randomized controlled trial, participants with irritable bowel syndrome who supplemented with Sunfiber reported less bloating and gas.

However, they were taking 6 grams of Sunfiber per day, and Bio Complete 3 contains only 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams, per serving – so it may not be enough to generate the same results.

There still needs to be more research done in humans before we can determine the best dosage of Sunfiber, but preliminary results are very promising.

Bacillus Coagulans (16 mg, as ProDURA)

Bacillus coagulans is the Probiotic in Bio Complete 3. It’s sourced as ProDURA, made by UAS Labs.

Bacillus coagulans has been proven to be effective in the management of diarrhea associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

However, in the article mentioned, participants were supplemented with 2 billion CFW, or the number of bacteria in a probiotic.

Bio Complete 3 states that it has a minimum of 36,000 billion Bacillus coagulans per serving. However, this does not account for the weight of the bacteria. In effect, Bio Complete 3 only provides the weight of the entire strain versus how many billion are in an individual serving.

Most other probiotics on the market contain several bacterial strains and are designed to restore a balanced diversity of bacteria.

We find it unusual that this “all-in-one” probiotic blend only contains one strain of bacteria.

Unless you know your gut will benefit from bacillus coagulans, it seems unlikely that the one strain can do much to rebalance your microbiome.

Reviews About Bio Complete Supplement

Bio Complete 3 a scam report: Well, below we will share with you what people have to say about this supplement and how long it takes to actually see any results. We selected some of the reviews from Amazon about the product.

amazon reviews bio complete scam2
scam alert bio complete 3

Bio Complete 3 Scam Report – Conclusion

Based on the reviews and our research we can say that Bio Complete looks like a scam, and we do not recommend that you order this supplement to treat your gut problems. They do not explain anything about the supplement and why those specific ingredients work. Most of the reviews from their costumers on Amazon are negative a very few ones are positive, so we can say that Bio Complete 3 does work very well as they promised.

It was not possible for us to know who is the real creator or the company behind this supplement, there are so many sellers on Amazon selling this exact supplement, and when it comes to supplement is always best to buy from a legit and unique seller that offers their customers protection in case the solution doesn’t work. Fungus Clear does not offer a money-back guarantee, if you order their supplement and it doesn’t work you most likely will not get your money back.

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