We’ve all occasionally experienced a dizzy spell or felt a little “off” when first standing up. Dizzy spells are common and can be caused by dehydration or low blood sugar. However, there are instances in which dizziness occurs as a result of certain diseases. It’s important to be aware of the root causes of dizziness and to know when to see a doctor for it.

What can cause dizzy spells?

According to the National Institutes of Health, a balance disorder is a condition that makes you feel unsteady or dizzy, as if you are moving, spinning or floating, even though you are standing still or lying down. The cause of balance disorders can be related to health conditions, medications, or a problem in the inner ear or the brain. Examples include a viral or bacterial infection in the ear, an injury to the head, or a blood circulation disorder that affects the inner ear.

If you feel like the room is spinning, this may be a sign that your balance is impaired. Some other symptoms can include:

  • Staggering when walking, or falling or feeling as if you are going to fall when you stand up.
  • Lightheadedness, faintness, or a floating sensation
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion or disorientation

In addition, other symptoms of a dizziness or balance disorder can be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, changes in heart rate and blood pressure, fear, anxiety or panic.

As we age, we notice that our strength isn’t what it used to be, or that we are unable to participate in activities or tasks that we once could. Often, issues with balance and dizziness coincide with aging, and occasionally can result from taking certain medications. (source)

How Does Claritox Pro Really Work?

According to different studies and research, the root cause of body imbalance (or loss of balance) is the failure of the inner ear mechanism. When any person loses his balance, he starts getting ringing in the ear (also called tinnitus). Along with that, toxins in the brain lead to vertigo, dizziness, memory loss, brain fog, and other problems.

Claritox Pro is an especially designed supplement that targets these toxins in the brain. It breaks down these toxins with the help of its scientifically proven powerful ingredients.

Once the body receives the nutrition it needs to tackle these problems, it leads a person to feel the positive changes and start living a normal life. However, this is not the overnight process because nutrients gather in the body before working collectively. You can expect to get results within three or four weeks, but as per some Claritox Pro reviews, some people noticed results in the first weeks as well. So, it depends on your condition and other factors such as diet, age, the severity of the disease, etc.

Claritox Pro provides all these benefits due to its powerful and natural ingredients. Let’s take a look at these ingredients and what science says about them.

Where To Buy Claritox Pro It?

Claritox Pro is only available on its official website, and it is not available anywhere else. Don’t buy it if you find it on any other website or online store such as Amazon, eBay, GMC, etc. The manufacturer has not authorized any site or online store to sell this supplement. This step is taken to keep things simple and help people avoid falling into the pricing trap and other fake deals.

When you visit the official website, you will get the following pricing options:

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Additionally, you will also get 60 days money-back guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with the supplement, you can get your money back. If you have any questions about the supplement, you can contact them by emailing them at contact@claritox.com.

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