Fungal nail infections are common infections of the fingernails or toenails that can cause the nail to become discolored, thick, and more likely to crack and break. Infections are more common in toenails than fingernails. 1 The technical name for a fungal nail infection is “onychomycosis.”


Nails with a fungal infection are often:

  • Discolored (yellow, brown, or white)
  • Thick
  • Fragile or cracked

A fungal nail infection usually isn’t painful unless it becomes severe.

Some people who have fungal toenail infections also have a fungal skin infection on the foot, especially between the toes (commonly called “athlete’s foot”).

How does someone get a fungal nail infection?

Fungal nail infections can be caused by many different types of fungi (yeasts or molds) that live in the environment. Small cracks in your nail or the surrounding skin can allow these germs to enter your nail and cause an infection.

Who gets fungal nail infections?

Anyone can get a fungal nail infection. Some people may be more likely than others to get a fungal nail infection, including older adults and people who have the following conditions: 

  • A nail injury or nail surgery
  • Diabetes
  • A weakened immune system
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Athlete’s foot (ringworm on the foot)


  • Keep your hands and feet clean and dry.
  • Clip your fingernails and toenails short and keep them clean.
  • Don’t walk barefoot in areas like locker rooms or public showers.
  • Don’t share nail clippers with other people.
  • When visiting a nail salon, choose a salon that is clean and licensed by your state’s cosmetology board. Make sure the salon sterilizes its instruments (nail clippers, scissors, etc.) after each use, or, you can bring your own.

What Is Fungus Eliminator?

Fungus Eliminator is a capsule synthesized for the ones who are exposed to fungal infections and are wondering If they can get rid of it. Yes, this product is completely safe for usage and is highly recommended for those who are skeptical about using random products from the market.

fungus eliminator

High-end research and technology have been used to synthesize this remarkable product, which itself is enough to trust this product. Having a solely natural composition, this product is there for anyone and everyone to use!

How does Fungus Eliminator Work?

The PureHealth Research Fungus Eliminator formula works by curing fungus that some people never even know exists. It contains a conglomerate of ingredients that have proven antifungal and antibacterial properties. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants and detoxifiers that work in cleaning your body of free radicals and toxins.

The formula works against infections that have persisted for years; the customers who have used it have seen years-old infections go away within weeks. Its effectiveness is that it works by killing and terminating the fungal spores that exist deep within the nail bed.

By being in capsule form, the formula is easily ingestible, which allows it to function efficiently. It improves the way your body reacts to these infections; it addresses the shortcomings deep within your immune system for so long.

The formula contains ingredients like Wormwood and Olive Leaf Extract used as remedies against toenail fungus and infections of other kinds. The Fungus Eliminator formula is not just good against toenail fungal infections; it improves your whole body and the way it reacts to fungal infections and all other infections, in general.

Fungus Eliminator shows rapid results; you’ll start seeing a difference within a week. These results are very hard to come by with products; some even take years and never get you anywhere.

Mind Behind this Product

This product is the brainchild of Joseph Owen, a renowned name when it comes to the remedy of infections. Owen was personally involved in the research and development of this remarkable product as the fungal infection was diagnosed to his wife. He left no stone unturned in developing a remedy that has no side effects or risks attached.

Owen left a condition to his team that none of the dangerous chemicals would be used in the composition of this product. And this condition was met when this product was synthesized using only natural ingredients so that there is no chance of side effects persisting. Moreover, this product also had to be cost-effective, so the right ingredients were chosen in the right manner so that this product would lie in the affordable range for all people out there to consume.

Ingredients in Fungus Eliminator

  • Oregano – It has strong anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. It kills athlete’s feet, toenails,s, and bacterial infections.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – This ingredient is effective in balancing your digestive health and has amazing anti-fungal properties.
  • Garlic Bulb – Garlic is a powerful healing agent that can be applied directly to toenail fungus. You will notice a significant improvement in the affected areas.
  • Wormwood –This ingredient provides you with an amazing energy level that helps fight against foreign bacteria.
  • Olive Leaf Extract –This leaf extract can be used to combat harmful toenail bacteria. It also helps to maintain a healthy digestive system by eliminating parasites that can cause fungus.
  • Turmeric – This is the key ingredient that combines all the ingredients to make the best anti-inflammatory agent. This ingredient helps to boost the immune system and gives you the right signal for the immune system.
  • Basil Leaf –This ingredient is effective in restoring the pH levels of your body. Basil leaf is good for your immune system and promotes healthy digestion.
  • Caprylic Acid –This ingredient reduces yeast and bacteria growth.
  • HPMC –This ingredient is used as an excipient and is used as a thickening and suspending agent.
  • Brown Rice Flour – It can also be used to make synthetic anti-cracking agents and fillers.

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