What Is GlucoTrust?

GlucoTrust is a supplement made to stabilize our blood sugar levels and make us healthy. It is made from natural and nutritious ingredients mixed all together.

Along with stabilizing sugar levels, the GlucoTrust supplement has a lot of other benefits. It also deals with hunger cravings and sleep issues which is one of the common problems all of us face. So, along with controlling your blood sugar, you will also be able to sleep peacefully. 

About The Creators Of The GlucoTrust

GlucoTrust has been formulated by James Walker who is one of the renowned names in the health industry and the founder of Maximum Edge Nutrition. He is known for his expertise in dealing with blood sugar-related problems and his formula of GlucoTrust has helped many overcome their insulin resistance issue.

The entire team behind the creation of this blood sugar control supplement is learned professionals of Maximum Edge Nutrition who have brainstormed for years and then came up with this unique blood sugar management formula.

The credits basically go to the research and editorial team of Maximum Edge Nutrition, as they have devoted their entire years to shortlisting and finalizing the best ingredients for the GlucoTrust formula.

Additionally, the formula has been created under very strict conditions in an FDA-approved facility to help in regulating blood sugar levels without causing any side effects.

It meets all the purity standards, and all the credit for the same goes to the experts who worked behind the scenes.

How Does GlucoTrust Work?

Many diabetes supplements claim to support healthy blood sugar. However, not all of them work as advertised. So how does GlucoTrust work? What do the natural ingredients in GlucoTrust do for your blood sugar?

Here are some of the things that occur when you take two capsules of GlucoTrust daily, according to Maximum Edge Nutrition:

Chromiummanganese, and other minerals in GlucoTrust support your metabolism and stimulate insulin production. Each serving of GlucoTrust contains a significant dose of manganese, for example, that turns your blood sugar into energy it can burn. Manganese is an important mineral also involved in healthy brain and nervous system function, while chromium can help your body burn fat faster.

B vitamins like biotin, meanwhile, help your body convert food into energy while boosting metabolism. Biotin and other B vitamins play a critical role in energy production throughout the body. The biotin in GlucoTrust, according to the official website, can help metabolize carbs, fats, and proteins more effectively. Plus, biotin has the added benefit of supporting your nervous system, liver, eyes, hair, and skin, according to Maximum Edge Nutrition.

GlucoTrust also contains unique herbal extracts and plant-based ingredients, including the extract of a leafy vine called Gymnema sylvestre. That vine has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurvedic medicine). It also supports healthy blood sugar and curbs appetite, according to Maximum Edge Nutrition. Many diabetics struggle with appetite control and food cravings because of imbalanced blood sugar. The gymnema sylvestre in GlucoTrust can tackle that problem from two angles.

Spices like cinnamon and licorice, meanwhile, do more than just add flavor to food; they also play a critical role in GlucoTrust and how it works. Licorice is one of the world’s oldest herbal remedies, for example, and it was used in ancient China, Greece, and the Middle East. Today, research shows licorice can act as a weight loss aid by helping to control appetite, giving your body a blend of valuable flavonoids, and exhibiting other effects to help with weight loss. Cinnamon, meanwhile, can promote healthy blood pressure and digestion while exhibiting anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Other ingredients in GlucoTrust include zinc (to stimulate insulin production in the pancreas) and juniper berries (to provide you with vitamin C and other antioxidants to support the immune system and healthy inflammation).

Together, these ingredients can support healthy blood sugar, sleep, immune function, and more. Overall, GlucoTrust contains 15+ herbs, plants, vitamins, and minerals to support various body functions linked to blood sugar and more.

GlucoTrust Supports Sleep To Balance Blood Sugar

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, then you’re making it hard for your body to balance blood sugar. Your body needs sleep to rejuvenate, produce hormones, and activate other body processes involved in blood sugar support.

That’s why James Walker and the Maximum Edge Nutrition team designed GlucoTrust to support a good night’s sleep. Here’s how they explain the sleep inducing effects of the supplement at the official website:

“…when you sleep, your body goes into repair mode. This is especially important when your body is under stress.”

When your body faces stress, it needs to enter repair mode. Your body sends blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the source of your stress, for example, to rejuvenate your body overnight.

We encounter stressors every day. Some stressors are physical. Exercise stresses our body, and our body rebuilds our muscles to make us stronger. Other stressors are mental, and mental stressors can force your body to raise cortisol levels.

GlucoTrust isn’t just designed to support an average sleep; instead, the formula is designed to support a deep sleep. Deep sleep is particularly important for hormone balance and blood sugar:

“During deep sleep your body is able to balance important hormones, such as cortisol, your ‘belly fat storing’ hormone.”

When you don’t get enough deep sleep, your cortisol levels rise. Your body becomes increasingly stressed, and this problem gets worse over time. High cortisol levels lead to visceral fat and imbalanced hormones, making it increasingly difficult to balance blood sugar and lose weight.

GlucoTrust & Science: How The Ingredients Work

GlucoTrust was formulated by a man named James Walker to support healthy blood sugar. Although James does not claim to be a doctor, nutritionist, or medical expert, he’s confident his formula uses science-backed ingredients to target blood sugar in various ways. We’ll review some of the science behind GlucoTrust and the ingredients within the formula below.

First, James is confident there’s a connection between sleep and blood sugar issues. By getting enough sleep each night, you can purportedly support healthy blood sugar. One study found a connection between sleep duration and the risk of diabetes. If you don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, then you have a higher risk of developing diabetes and other health problems. Similarly, another study linked sleep deprivation to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. When you take a supplement to support a healthy sleep, you could indirectly support your body’s natural defense against diabetes and blood sugar control issues.

Cinnamon also appears to help with blood sugar, and many diabetics take cinnamon daily as a natural supplement. In one study, type 1 diabetics taking 1g to 6g of cinnamon per day experienced a significant drop in blood sugar and cholesterol compared to a placebo. In another study, researchers found cinnamon had similar effects when taken daily over a 40 day period, with participants having lower blood sugar at the end of 40 days than the start, compared to a placebo.

Licorice is another unique ingredient in GlucoTrust. Although it’s best-known as a candy and flavor, licorice has been used in traditional medicine for centuries as a natural remedy. Recent studies have validated the use of licorice for various purposes. A 2012 review, for example, found licorice was linked to positive effects on digestion, cardiovascular health, blood sugar, inflammation, and lung health, among other effects.

Here are some of the ingredients that are used to create the GlucoTrust formula:

  • Biotin
  • Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Manganese
  • Chromium
  • Cinnamon
  • Licorice
  • Juniper berries
  • Zinc

  • Biotin – Apart from the more minor things that biotin can help you with, like giving you healthier skin and hair and improving the function of your liver and eyesight, the biotin in GlucoTrust is a significant player. The manufacturer has added biotin to the formula because it burns carbs, fats, and proteins faster. All those components being metabolized more quickly means that your body will have more energy.

  • Gymnema Sylvestre – For hundreds of years, people from India have used this nutrient that comes from a leafy vine. It is incorporated into GlucoTrust because it can help your body get its blood sugar levels back on track and stop you from reaching for those unhealthy sugary snacks.
  • Manganese – The next nutrient that is added to GlucoTrust is manganese. Manganese is an insulin stimulator, which will help you turn your blood sugar into energy in the long run. There also have been studies that have shown that manganese improves the function of the nervous system.

  • Chromium – Chromium is another ingredient that has been incorporated into GlucoTrust. The purpose of chromium is to enhance your metabolism, helping it burn calories faster. Several studies have indicated that taking chromium supplements can improve blood sugar for those with diabetes (Trusted SourceTrusted Source).

  • Cinnamon – There isn’t a supplement formula in which cinnamon cannot be added. This remarkable spice has been used for thousands of years because it helps with digestion, features anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial attributes, and lowers your blood pressure to normal levels. Several small studies have linked cinnamon to better blood sugar levels. Some of this work shows it may curb blood sugar by lowering insulin resistance.
  • Licorice – Licorice root, the raw material for licorice candy, has now been hailed as containing substances with an anti-diabetic effect. These molecules reduce blood sugar and possess anti-inflammatory properties. And even more important: they are extremely well tolerated by the human body.Because of its beneficial effects, the licorice root has been dubbed the ‘Medicinal plant of 2012.’

  • Juniper Berries – The penultimate ingredient that you will find in GlucoTrust is juniper berries. Juniper berries are primarily used for their antioxidative properties, which can build up your immune system. Using juniper berries can result in endless. A juniper berry is the female seed cone produced by the various species of junipers. It is not a true berry but a cone with unusually fleshy and merged scales, which gives it a berry-like appearance. Juniper berries are contained since they feature a lot of anti-oxidants that could fight oxidative stress. This fixing can decrease glucose and takedown high cholesterol and cholesterol levels in diabetics.
  • Zinc – Laboratory studies have shown that zinc acts like insulin when administered to insulin-sensitive tissue and that it seems to stimulate insulin action.[1] It binds to insulin receptors, activates insulin signaling pathways, and more, all of which result in glucose uptake by cells and clearance of glucose from the blood.[2] Zinc is also necessary for the correct processing, storage, and secretion of insulin,[1] and it can protect against β-cell loss, a hallmark of diabetes.[3] Because zinc is so closely tied to insulin functioning, zinc deficiency is associated with poor β-cell function and higher incidences of insulin resistance.[3]

Is GlucoTrust Safe to Use?

According to the official website, the supplement comprises only natural ingredients so it’s completely safe to use.

However, as with any other dietary supplement you purchase online, there are some general guidelines to follow:

  • The supplement shouldn’t be consumed by children under the age of 18.
  • Pregnant women shouldn’t take the supplement without proper consultation.

Otherwise, anyone above the age of 18 who is healthy can consume GlucoTrust supplement without fearing any severe side effects.

The supplement contains powerful ingredients that may make one feel a little jittery, but that’s nothing too concerned about. Overall, users don’t have to worry about any additives or harmful chemicals being present; the supplement is manufactured and bottled together under strict sterile authorities who ensure it is safe to consume.

What Are The Benefits Of GlucoTrust?

GlucoTrust, a great blood sugar supplement to manage diabetes contains ingredients that not only help one to maintain a healthy blood sugar level but also help with nervous system function and stimulate insulin production. This supplement ingredients are the key factors in ensuring the consumer’s healthy blood sugar level.

  • Helps Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels – Insulin resistance is one of the key factors that help in the maintenance of blood glucose levels. GlucoTrust, one of the various blood sugar products available in the market, works on insulin hormones and helps consumers with their diabetes.

  • Promotes Healthy Blood Flow And Blood Circulation – To keep diabetes in check, it is important that you have proper blood circulation through your blood cells. The organic materials of GlucoTrust promote healthy blood flow through the blood cells and that ultimately contribute toward maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. It is important that the blood cells are not deprived of a healthy blood flow as it increases the risk of worsening diabetes.

  • Promotes Healthy Metabolism – A diabetic person’s metabolic abilities often suffer because of the disease. GlucoTrust helps a consumer to cut down on their desire to have junk meals and thus help with both carbohydrate metabolism and lipid metabolism. This helps one to maintain their desired and healthy blood sugar level.

  • Promotes A Good Night’s Sleep – One of the key reasons behind getting diabetes is lacking a good night’s sleep. GlucoTrust ensures a good night’s sleep for the user and thus helps them to maintain optimal blood sugar. Most of the review details shared by the consumers of this supplement mentioned that they had a better night’s sleep than they were having prior to taking GlucoTrust.

  • Promotes Insulin Production – There are various blood sugar support supplements now available in the market as more and more people look for organic ways to manage their blood glucose levels. GlucoTrust, one such supplement consists of natural elements as its primary components and helps a user maintain healthy blood sugar level as it helps to stimulate insulin production. It also works on the resistance of insulin and thus ensures maintaining a healthy blood sugar level consistently.

  • Helps Reduce Food Cravings – Junk food cravings and sugar cravings are two of the key factors leading to diabetes. If junk food cravings along with sugar cravings are controlled then it is possible to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. GlucoTrust addresses these two causes of diabetes directly and with its all organic ingredients helps to cut down on junk food and sugar. This not only maintains one’s blood sugar levels but also keeps their cardiovascular health in a healthy position.

  • Helps You Lose Weight – Obesity is another contributing factor to increasing blood glucose levels. Obesity is primarily caused because of junk food cravings and that is why the high-quality blood sugar support supplements work on helping the user cut down on fast food. Using GlucoTrust will help you with your desire to consume fast food and thus make you lose weight. It also helps with insulin resistance by directly working on insulin hormones. This makes sure that not only your diabetes is being taken care of by this supplement but also your cardiovascular health is also maintained.
  • Helps Reduce Depression and Anxiety – Unable to get a better night’s sleep not only plays a major role in increasing blood sugar levels but also affects mentally and leads to depression and anxiety. All of these prevent one from maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. Taking GlucoTrust on a daily basis will ensure that you have deep sleep at night and thus not have mental health issues induced by lack of sleep which will ultimately work toward helping you maintain your blood sugar level. Adequate sleep will also help you to keep your nervous system healthy and thus enhance your overall health conditions.

Glucotrust Scam Alert (How To Avoid The Scam)

Unfortunately, many people are scammed when they order the GlucoTrust supplement because they are not using the official website to buy the supplement. Many people are buying GlucoTrust on Amazon because is cheaper, and are getting fake bottles.

We do not recommend buying GlucoTrust on Amazon, Walmart, or eBay because all of them are fake with completely different ingredients, which can be very dangerous for you.

If you are interested in buying this supplement we only recommend that you use the official website to place your order.

Below you can read some of the reviews of people that got scammed because they ordered this supplement on Amazon.

Template Scam

The worst thing about this scam is that it is going on for almost all popular health products on Amazon, and they don’t even care to stop it, their customers complain about the fake products being sold there at a lower price and nothing changes.

Please share this information with other people that are interested in Glucotrust, so they can avoid being scammed on Amazon by those fake sellers.

How To Take GlucoTrust Supplement (Dosage)

Just take one with a glass of water before you go to bed. We suggest taking GlucoTrust at bedtime because the formula contains several calming, sleep-enhancing ingredients that give you deeper, more restful sleep. Deep sleep is critically important for speeding up your body’s healing process, as well as optimizing your metabolism so that you burn fat throughout the day and night and no longer feel cravings.

Bonuses Included When You Order GlucoTrust From The Official Website

If you buy the 3 or 6 bottle packages of GlucoTrust from the official website, then you receive three bonus eBooks. These eBooks can enhance your weight loss effects and boost the blood sugar balancing benefits of GlucoTrust.

The three bonuses include:

bonus glucotrust
  • Bonus #1: 100 Great Tasting Fat Burning Green Smoothie Recipes: This eBook teaches you how to create a mouth-watering, nutrition-packed smoothie. You get 100 smoothie recipes made using ingredients you can find at your local grocery store – all designed to burn fat and support your weight loss goals.

  • Bonus #2: The Ultimate Guide to Superfoods: The word “superfood” gets thrown around a lot. However, some superfoods are genuinely packed with nutrients and should be classified as superfoods. In this guide, you can discover the best superfoods for supporting your body in different ways, including common foods and snacks that have great health benefits.

  • Bonus #3: The 3-Day Liver Cleanse Breakthrough: This eBook explains how your liver acts as a filter to absorb and process the food you take in. If you have toxins built-up around your liver, then those toxins could impact your energy, mood, immunity, and weight loss efforts. In this eBook, you can discover how to safely and naturally cleanse your liver – all by following a three day cleansing routine.

GlucoTrust Price (Special Offer)

At this moment you can order GlucoTrust supplement for 73% OFF + FREE Shipping. This is a limited-time offer and it won’t be available for long. Click here to check if the discount is still available.

Is There any Money Back Policy?

Whichever purchasing option you prefer, you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase price within 180 days of the date of purchase if the supplement is ineffective at controlling blood sugar levels or if you are not entirely happy with the product. The 180-day money-back guarantee offered by the producers makes GlucoTrust one of the safest supplements to use.

Shipping Policy

When you decide to purchase GlucoTrust or related products, your order will be automatically shipped after you’ve filled in the order form and your payment is confirmed.

In no more than 60 hours, you will receive an email with your shipping tracking ID and a personalized link that allows you to check your shipment anytime you like.

After receiving this email, you can rest assured, as your order is on its way to you and will be delivered to the address you have provided them as soon as possible, as their trusted shipping partner guarantees.

They’ll make sure that you only receive premium quality products, as your health and satisfaction with their supplements is their goal. If you have any questions, write them an email: support@edelixir.com.

Delivery AddressShipping FeeShipping Time
United StatesFREE5-7 working days
Australia$19.9510-15 working days
Canada$19.9510-15 working days
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FAQs About GlucoTrust

We get plenty of questions about GlucoTrust and how it works. Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is GlucoTrust?

A: GlucoTrust is a blood sugar support supplement marketed primarily to diabetics who want to balance blood sugar using natural ingredients.

Q: How does GlucoTrust work?

A: GlucoTrust works using a blend of 15 vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plant extracts.

Q: What does GlucoTrust do?

A: Some of the ingredients in GlucoTrust support blood sugar management. Others help you sleep, making it easier for your body to balance blood sugar overnight.

Q: When do I take GlucoTrust?

A: You take GlucoTrust at night when you’re ready to fall asleep. Because the formula contains sleep supporting ingredients, it should make you feel sleepy. Avoid taking GlucoTrust in the morning or middle of the day for that reason.

Q: Is GlucoTrust safe? What are the side effects of GlucoTrust?

A: As long as you follow the recommended dosage instructions (taking one of GlucoTrust daily), you should not expect to experience significant side effects when taking GlucoTrust. All ingredients in dosages in GlucoTrust are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA, which means most healthy adults will experience no serious side effects when taking the formula as directed.


Based on the researches of the ingredients and from Glucotrust reviews and complaints reviews, GlucoTrust is NOT a scam. It does help you lower your blood sugar at home with no side effects. But the results may vary.

The manufacturers reveal everything behind making the supplement unlike certain secret ingredient supplements in the market. The company is also transparent in revealing the ingredients as well. To ensure reliability and value for customers, they also provide a 180-day money-back guarantee. So, GlucoTrust supplement can be considered trustworthy. 

We strongly recommend you only buy GlucoTrust Supplement from the official site and avoid retailers on Amazon because all of them are fake and they will scam you, and sell a copy of the original supplement with completely different ingredients that could be very dangerous for you.

The formula uses only pure, natural ingredients. No dangerous or illegal substances. Because the ingredients are natural and safe, you won’t have to put up with nasty side effects that affect your quality of life. Neither do you need to go through painful surgery. The product is also non-GMO and has been developed in an FDA-certified facility.

Thank you for reading this review, I hope that it made things clear about how this natural supplement works and if it can help you with your condition or not. Feel free to add a comment if you already used this supplement or if you know some others that you need a detailed review about, we can make a separate post for it and help as many people as we can.

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  1. Adam Posy

    This reduced my sugar levels by 30 points. Which is what I need especially in the morning. I see my blood sugar higher than normal range by 30 – 35 points everyday no matter what I eat or how less I eat at night. This helped me reach normal levels.

  2. Joe

    This natural blood sugar reduction supplement is really great. I’ve been using it for several weeks now and it has actually helped to control my glucose numbers. Over time, I’m looking for even better numbers as my body adapts to this supplement capsule. Works much better than cinnamon alone or chromium alone. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to reduce their blood sugar levels.

  3. Mary

    I’ve been using Glucotrust now in conjunction with my diabetic medications and it seems to be helping. I have a healthy 5.4 hba1c and hope that this product is in part helping to do that. It’s also more affordable than some other products I’ve tried and I’ve had no stomach issues like I did with other products. I’m not a healthcare professional and this is just my personal result and experience with the product so please don’t forget to consult your doctor if you’re concerned about supplements :).

  4. Debra

    I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and it has really helped to lower my blood sugar. The first time I took it brought my blood sugar down to 101 from 131. You do have to make sure to eat within an hour. I didn’t one day and I got very shaky. I checked my levels and it was down to 90. That’s the only side effect I’ve had. So far it’s doing exactly what it said it would!!

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