Does ProMind Complex work? This is the question that many people are asking about this new brain supplement and we are here to answer this question.

Memory loss (amnesia) is unusual forgetfulness. You may not be able to remember new events, recall one or more memories of the past, or both.

The memory loss may be for a short time and then resolve (transient). Or, it may not go away, and, depending on the cause, it can get worse over time.

In severe cases, such memory impairment may interfere with daily living activities.

Some Of The Causes

Normal aging can cause some forgetfulness. It is normal to have some trouble learning new material or needing more time to remember it. But normal aging does not lead to dramatic memory loss. Such memory loss is due to other diseases.

Memory loss can be caused by many things. To determine a cause, your health care provider will ask if the problem came on suddenly or slowly.

Many areas of the brain help you create and retrieve memories. A problem in any of these areas can lead to memory loss.

Memory loss may result from a new injury to the brain, which is caused by or is present after:

  • Brain tumor
  • Cancer treatment, such as brain radiation, bone marrow transplant, or chemotherapy
  • Concussion or head trauma
  • Not enough oxygen getting to the brain when your heart or breathing is stopped for too long
  • Severe brain infection or infection around brain
  • Major surgery or severe illness, including brain surgery
  • Transient global amnesia (sudden, temporary loss of memory) of unclear cause
  • Transient ischemic attack (TIA) or stroke
  • Hydrocephalus (fluid collection in the brain)
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Dementia

Sometimes, memory loss occurs with mental health problems, such as:

  • After a major, traumatic or stressful event
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression or other mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia

Memory loss may be a sign of dementia. Dementia also affects thinking, language, judgment, and behavior. Common types of dementia associated with memory loss are:

  • Alzheimer disease
  • Lewy body dementia
  • Fronto-temporal dementia
  • Progressive supranuclear palsy
  • Normal pressure hydrocephalus
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (mad cow disease)

Other causes of memory loss include:

  • Alcohol or use of prescription or illegal drugs
  • Brain infections such as Lyme disease, syphilis, or HIV/AIDS
  • Overuse of medicines, such as barbiturates or (hypnotics)
  • ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) (most often short-term memory loss)
  • Epilepsy that is not well controlled
  • Illness that results in the loss of, or damage to brain tissue or nerve cells, such as Parkinson disease, Huntington disease, or multiple sclerosis
  • Low levels of important nutrients or vitamins, such as low vitamin B1 or B12

What Is ProMind Complex Supplement?

ProMind Complex is a herbal dietary formula that promotes brain health helping its users to enjoy good memory, focus, and analytical abilities. Its official website says that the company has picked some scientifically proven ingredients and combined them into a dietary formula. This formula works on underlying problems that cause brain fog, forgetfulness, and lack of vigilance, all of which are precursors of cognitive decline.

How Does ProMind Complex Work?

Does promind complex work

After knowing about ProMind Complex ingredients, indications & contraindications, you may be thinking exactly how it works. Thanks to the official site that outlines the mechanism of action of this supplement.

Stage 1: Kills off Bacteria

In this initial period, the pro mind targets oral bacteria & eliminates them from the cavity. Thus, it breaks the pathway of bacteria towards the brain. As a consequence, you feel fresh, & less fatigued.

Stage 2: Improve memory cell

Cells receive nutrition from oxygen. The Brain cells are no different. This wonder formula dilates tiny blood vessels of the brain. Then, it repairs the damaged cells. This one also improves brain functionality. Apart from these, it flushes away toxins from the brain & you become apt to recall everything.

Stage 3: Boost dental hygiene

This supplement eliminates harmful pathogens from the brain & gums. Since the source of pathogen spreading is the oral cavity, this step will hygiene the area.

Stage 4: Brain cell communication

This one nourishes your brain cells & membranes. Hence, more communication occurs between the cells & you get rid of the memory decline issue.

Stage 5: Removes Plaque

Our body comprises a well-established self-protective mechanism system. When your body gets the signal of bacterial attack in the brain, it creates a plague barrier in response to that. But, this ultimately hampers the blood flow. Thankfully, Pro mind melts this plaque formation & ensures adequate blood supply to the brain.

Stage 6: Improves mental health

In this competitive world, everyone is rushing to increase bank balance or do great in their respective field. Thus, they lead a stressful life. Besides, the imbalanced lifestyle always takes a toll on their physical & mental health. The ingredients of promind trigger the happy hormone & you get rid of all your anxiety.

Stage 7: Get rids of Brain fog

Finally, this supplement clears away brain fog from your mind. So, you get a sharp memory like a razor. For doing this, it improves your sleep cycle.

Real Customer Reviews About ProMind Complex

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