ProstaStream is a dietary & weight loss pills that claims to be the most effective way to promote a healthy prostate.

The product is only available online at, which gives an account of Frank Neal. To emerge with this specific ingredient list, Frank Neal researched and tested over 144 powerful prostate-supporting ingredients.

Frank Neal invented the ProstaStream formula to assist men in addressing prostate difficulties as they age.

BPH causes unpleasant symptoms such as frequent bathroom visits, difficulty emptying your bladder, and difficulty urinating. Some males also have problems with their sexuality.

ProstaStream claims to aid in the maintenance of a healthier prostate. ProstaStream’s web page contains testimonials from guys who have claimed to live a “BPH-free existence” after using the product.

Prostate health has become a key concern for so many men as the average lifespan of males in the United States rises. With this in mind, our ProstaStream prostate supplement article will highlight the use of prostate pills. It also highlights how they may be used as the first line of defense to help ease the difficulties that occur as we age safely and competently.

When prostate health remedies are concerned, everyone has distinct requirements. When comparing a couple of the most successful brands on the market and how they relate to one another, ProstaStream has several standout features and ingredients that deserve special attention. Our prostatream review is here to help you.


  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Relieves urethral pain, itching, and burning sensations
  • Improves blood circulation while also supporting genital function
  • Lowers the frequency of urination
  • Helps the body rid itself of pollutants and free radicals
  • Promotes tissue regeneration and repair
  • Lowers the chances of prostate cancer
  • No non-organic ingredients present
  • Three packaging solutions are available, based on your demands and budget
  • 60 days return policy


  • ProstaStream is only available for purchase online as of this writing
  • Results do not appear right away.

ProstaStream Ingredients

All ingredients present in ProstaStream pills are natural, safe and well-researched in advance. Here’s a walk through the chief components of the formula, followed by other ingredients present in it.

•       Mushrooms

These are a trio of Japanese mushrooms including shiitake, maitake, and reishi mushrooms. These are excellent for your overall health wellness.

•       Graviola leaves

These are included for protecting and supporting your prostate as well its functioning.

•       Saw palmetto berries

These berries help bring down the levels of DGHT in the body.

Other secondary ingredients included are:

•       Cat’s claw

It helps support and strengthen your immune health.

•       Pygeum Africanum bark

This ingredient in ProstaStream pills helps by offering a healthy inflammatory response.

•       Broccoli leaf extract

The herb plays an important role in bettering the prostate functioning as it is packed with nutrients that support its functioning.

•       Tomato fruit powder

The powder helps with improving your immune health so you are in a better and stronger position to combat your health issues.

Besides these ingredients, the supplement contains essential minerals and vitamins. Some of these are vitamins B6 and E. Minerals included are selenium, zinc, and copper. Plant sterol complex is also part of this all-natural solution.

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Side Effects Of Prostastream

ProstaStream side effects only come out if you do not follow the recommended dosage of the product. Remember, you can only take at least two capsules a day, and that is it. There is no use overdosing since that would only make things worse for your poor soul. Side effects for ProstaStream include some mild problems such as headaches, fatigue, fever, stomachache, diarrhea, and such. You know, the everyday things that come and go.

However, if you start noticing stark changes to something on your body, either painful or painless, report it to your physician immediately for proper diagnosis. It should be taken careful note of that ProstaStream is not medicine. It is a dietary supplement that’s supposed to supplement your daily diets. Eat a balanced diet and exercise while you are on it.

As always, before taking ProstaStream, it is wise if you consult your physician or doctor first in order to do a quick rundown on things you should and should not do. After all, we do not know if you are allergic to one of the ingredients listed above. Always exercise caution, and you will not get any side effects from it.

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