This review post will reveal everything about this new natural sleep aid and how it really works.

Honestly, it doesn’t seem amazing at first sight:

  • lots of complaints from previous users
  • tricky pricing
  • doesn’t promote a healthy sleep

Relaxium Sleep Scam Alert Reviews

Relaxium Sleep is advertised as a dietary supplement to improve your sleep quality and help you fall asleep faster and longer. The product is aimed to promote a deeper and more restful sleep throughout the night.

relaxium sleep bottle

Full Name: Relaxium Sleep by American Behavioural Research Institute

Product Type: Sleep Supplement

It’s only available with auto-shipping, not with manual purchases.

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

Designed For: Sleep support – it claims to help with:

  • falling asleep faster
  • relieving stress
  • boosting immune support

My Rating: 3.2 out of 10

Recommended?: No – it’s a product you can’t fully trust:

  • a lot of complaints from previous users
  • forces you to sign up for a subscription in order to buy it
  • producer is very sketchy
  • works by sedating you

So I personally couldn’t recommend it in these conditions.

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How Does Relaxium Sleep Work?

Relaxium Sleep is billed as a natural sleeping supplement that can be used by anyone who finds it difficult to fall asleep at night. The key active ingredients like melatonin and GABA have been shown in numerous studies to promote sleep and improve its quality.

While these are hormones that regulate sleep the formula also contains other substances that are known to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

While there is solid and plentiful evidence that suggests the efficacy of ingredients like melatonin, other components like Ashwagandha and magnesium have not had as many studies conducted on them – at least, not that were related to sleep health.

Relaxium Sleep Ingredients Review

Below you can take a look at all the ingridients of Relaxium Sleep.

ingredients facts relaxium sleep
  • Ashwagandha extract (125 mg): This is an amazingly effective powerful extract. A clinical trial conducted on this high potency extract showed that it can decrease stress and anxiety by up to 70%, improve your ability to sleep through the night by 71%, increase daytime energy by 53% and improve concentration by 50%.
  • Magnesium citrate, glycinate, oxide (100 mg):  It goes to work immediately, relaxing muscles throughout the body and promoting the release of mental and physical tension.
  • L-Tryptophan (500 mg): The two main biomolecules that are involved in the production of normal sleep—the neurotransmitter serotonin and the hormone melatonin—are both naturally made from tryptophan in the body. That makes L-Tryptophan tremendously valuable in promoting restful sleep.
  • Melatonin (5 mg): This natural hormone is key to any effective natural sleep formula. 5 milligrams of melatonin is the perfect dose — just enough to trigger the body’s natural sleep cycle, but not so much that it leaves you feeling groggy the next day. The melatonin in the Relaxium Sleep formula is free of the contaminants often found in low-quality melatonin.
  • Chamomile extract (75 mg): This high potency chamomile extract delivers the very same nerve-soothing relaxation benefits as a cup of chamomile tea. The difference is that the active constituents of the herb have been carefully extracted from a high-quality source, so you know what you’re getting is pure and powerful.
  • Passionflower extract (75 mg): Passionflower is an ancient anti-stress remedy that helps to combat everyday anxiety by regulating neurotransmitters in the brain that control mood and sleep. The creator of Relavium Sleep found an extremely potent source of this herb that offers superior purity and effectiveness.
  • GABA (100 mg): Gamma Amino Butyric Acid is a neurotransmitter that relieves anxiety, helps you get good sleep, relax, and wind down. A placebo controlled clinical trial confirmed that GABA has an effect of improving quality of sleep, easing stress, and increasing the duration of uninterrupted sleep. An added benefit, GABA appears to help keep cortisol at a lower level. This is great news for the weight conscious.

Who is Relaxium Sleep For?

Nowadays, there are a number of people who are unable to sleep every night and suffer from insomnia or may have trouble getting to sleep on time. Relaxium Sleep is ideal for these people since it helps make them sleepy and reduces the symptoms of insomnia.

Here are some people who can use this supplement to feel sleepy at night:

  • Stressed Individuals: If you are stressed, it is likely that your stress might be keeping you up at night. Not everyone has the self control to stop thinking about things that are stressing them. Therefore, Relaxium Sleep comes into play and helps such people. The supplement contains some ingredients that relieve stress. So, on the one hand, it lowers stress and on the other hand, it makes sure you sleep.
  • Insomniacs: If you suffer from insomnia and you think melatonin alone is not helpful to you, then you can try Relaxium Sleep since it contains melatonin along with a couple of other ingredients. Together, these ingredients can help make you feel sleepy without having any negative effects on the body.
  • Loud Environments: If you live in a loud environment and that messes up your sleep pattern, you might want to use Relaxium Sleep since it will help you relax and put you to sleep early and peacefully.

Is The Free Bottle Of Relaxium Really Free?

If you were curious and want to test drive this slumber supplement, the company offers a free, two weeks supply bottle for $7.95. If you decide to take them up on this free offer understand the company will also add in a two months supply as well. If you do not call the company within 17 days of ordering your free bottle, the Relaxium company will charge your credit card $119.90. 

This charge will continue automatically every 55 days until you cancel. If you cancel your subscription within 17 days the company will let you keep one of the bottles they sent you. See below on how to cancel Relaxium auto-shipments.

If you order Relaxiuum on the official website you first have to enter your phone number and email address before you can see how much it costs. For those who want to know how much Relaxium costs before committing, that is a problem. It’s’ also a problem for those who value their privacy and wonder what the company will do with your phone number and email address if you choose to not purchase the supplement.

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Real Reviews Of Relaxium Sleep Supplement

First of all – this product is available from 2 main sellers:

  1. Its official website
  2. Amazon

Now, the price on Amazon is indeed higher – but the reviews there are also authentic.

Plus, Relaxium seems to be sold there in its original version – which is perfect.

On Amazon, the supplement had over 5000 ratings, giving it a 3.5 out of 5-star ranking. While a good number of people reported Relaxium Sleep was not a hoax and did indeed improve their ability to fall asleep, some said otherwise. Complaints and side effects from unsatisfied customers included:

  • expensive
  • doesn’t work
  • not better than melatonin
  • worked sometimes. Other nights it did not work.
  • drowsy the next day
  • caused nightmares
  • caused hives

Like any popular supplement, results will vary from person to person

Let’s take a look at its reviews on Amazon:

scam alert amazon
scam alert relaxium
scsama lert relaxium
amazon relaxium sleep4

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Relaxium Contact Phone Number

To contact the customer service department call the phone number, call 888-353-1205.

  • M-F 8 AM to 9 PM EST
  • Sat 10 AM to 7 PM EST
  • Sun 1 PM to 4 PM EST

You can also email the customer support at:

Money-Back Guarantee, Refunds & How To Return

If you ordered a free bottle, the company also sent you a two months supply as well. If Relaxium Sleep did not work well for you, you have 17 days to call the company and cancel your subscription or they will charge your credit card $119.90.

Relaxium comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to request a refund. The 30 days begins when the supplements are delivered to your home. That’s good because the company gives you a full month to test drive the supplement.

If you purchased this insomnia supplement at local stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, or Walmart, return it to the store you purchased it from with your receipt. If you purchased your supplements from the company’s official website and want a refund, here are the instructions on how to get your money back:

Call Relaxium customer service at 888-353-1205 and give the rep:

  1. your name
  2. the email you used to order the supplement
  3. your order number

Request a return authorization number (RMA number). This is very important. Returned packages that do not include an RMA number will not be accepted.

Return the sleep supplements you purchased to this address:

10701 Abercorn St.
Unit 61553 Savannah, GA 31419

If you ordered multiple bottles, the company only issues full refunds on 1 opened bottle so do not open all bottles you purchased. The company requests that you insure your return in the remote chance it becomes lost in the mail or damaged. Your money will be returned to you within 5 business days of the company receiving your returned items.

Price Of Relaxium Sleep

Now, its pricing is a bit unusual (and quite tricky):

  1. First bottle is a 14 days free trial bottle.
  2. You only have to pay for its shipping ($7.95).
  3. However, 17 days after you’re automatically sent a 2 months supply.
  4. Its price is $89.98.
  5. This subscription goes on every 2 months (at the same price).
  6. If you request the free trial bottle, you’re automatically put on this subscription.

In other words – you can’t buy this product manually (which is normal).

Instead, you can only get it through a 2 months subscription.

Honestly, this is a strategy a lot of low-quality brands/products use:

  • people would not buy them again normally
  • some users forget to cancel their subscription
  • others do cancel it, but they still get charged money

Now – there are a lot of previous users complaining about Relaxium’s strategy.

Many claim they canceled their order – but they still got charged in the next months.

Others even say they couldn’t cancel their order, despite trying to do it.

So I always advise you to avoid products that require a subscription.

If they had a high-quality, why would they force you to subscribe?

Honestly, that’s the best proofs that they have a scam potential.

Relaxium Sleep Scam Alert – The Bottom Line

Based on the researches of the ingredients and from Relaxium Sleep reviews and complaints reviews, Relaxium Sleep looks like a scam.

All in all, Relaxium has a pretty good formula. However – I wouldn’t recommend it for one reason: it can make you feel sedated.

Relaxium has some mixed reviews overall:

  • works really well for some people
  • it’s completely useless for others

However, it also has a lot of complaints from people that claim they were scammed.

Since we’re talking about more than 10 reviews of this type, I would advise you to pay attention to it.

So I personally couldn’t really recommend it.


  • The formula is based on natural compounds
  • Very easy to use
  • Some of its ingredients are trademarks
  • Available in a lot of countries


  • A lot of serious complaints
  • Many customers got scammed with their free trial (it is NOT a real trial they will bill you $119.90 later)
  • Made some users feel sedated
  • Most of the customers reviews are negative
  • Only 30-day money-back guarantee and 17 days to cancel auto-shipments if ordering the free sample
  • Auto shipments
  • Poor BBB rating
  • Some of the ingredients are mixed in a proprietary blend, so no exact dose is shown.

Better Alternative To Relaxium Sleep

Aktiv Formulations Delta Sleep Review

Delta Sleep is a supplement that was specifically created to regulate your body’s natural timepiece and allow you to sleep well. It’s completely packed with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features, guarding your brain against damage, perfecting your memory, and attention, and giving you a healthy night of sleep.

By using this product, you’re bound to regulate your resting patterns. Many customers reported that after usingit for at least a month or two the effect is veritably strong and that they feel very energetic when they wake up.

The supplement is largely recommended for anyone who has trouble sleeping or is presently facing problems with attention or memory.

delta sleep

How Does Delta Sleep Work?

According to the manufacturer, the Delta Sleep supplement helps in improving the quality of your sleep by soothing your mind from anxiety and stress. Oxidative stress damages the cells in the brain. It is caused due to the imbalance between the antioxidants and free radicals in the body.

Delta Sleep formula safeguards your brain from oxidative stress and stimulates neuroplasticity thereby helping in going to a night of deep sleep. When you wake up the next morning after a deep sleep, you feel much more energized and fresh which gives you a positive feeling throughout the day.

The Science Behind The Delta Sleep Formula

Delta Sleep is made using natural ingredients which help in enhancing the sleeping quality. The ingredients are rich in antioxidants that help your body in loosening up and going to sleep. Oxidative stress occurs when the antioxidants in the body get reduced. It impairs the cells in the brain.


Delta Sleep helps in reducing oxidative stress and improves neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change its affinity in response to new information, which can be a sensorial stimulation or damage caused.

About 50 scientific studies were conducted in the research of the Delta sleep’s ingredients to check their efficacy in enhancing the quality of sleep, cognitive function, and antidepressant effects. The majority of Delta Sleep reviews are positive, Delta Sleep pills are said to be a unique formula that acts according to the working of the brain and helps in getting deep sleep.

Is Delta Sleep Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency that is made to ensure public health and safety through specific regulations that cover the synthesis and manufacturing of the supplement.

The Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are the regulations propagated by the FDA agency which is to make sure that the outcomes are developed according to the quality standards.

Delta Sleep capsule is manufactured in Food and Drug Agency (FDA) approved facility with strict Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Delta Sleep Ingredients

Aktiv Formulations Delta Sleep has developed a unique SmartSleep solution that is able to understand how the brain works and helps it sleep longer and more efficiently. Every component of Aktiv Formulations ‘ Delta Sleep’s key ingredients was tested in over 50 clinical research studies to evaluate their sleep-related scientific research, cognitive improvement, and recovery capabilities.


Here is a listing of Aktiv Formulations Delta Sleep’s active ingredients and the benefits they bring.

  • Ashwagandha – Triethylene glycol (TEG) is an ingredient that induces sleep found in Ashwagandha. The substance helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle and improves leukocytes and allows them to freely move throughout your body and deliver serotonin to the brain at the moment you need it.

  • Melatonin – Melatonin is an antioxidant neurohormone that is used to regulate sleep and wake cycles by Aktiv Formulations Delta Sleep, regulates the body’s circadian rhythms as well as sleep-wake cycles. Melatonin is a sleep-wake-cycle regulator made through the body. This active ingredient aids in helping your body to unwind and go to sleep faster.

  • Goji Fruit – Goji Berry is a potent antioxidant and boosts the immune system. It can increase serotonin levels in the brain. Melatonin is also present in the fruit and is described to be the “all-natural superfood” for its numerous health benefits. Additionally, it assists in helping to keep the body’s glucose levels in check.

  • L-Tryptophan – L-tryptophan is a natural neurotransmitter that is naturally occurring. Nuts and bananas for instance, are excellent sources of this essential nutrient. Other essential compounds such as serotonin, melatonin, and melatonin are released due to supplementation. A healthy sleep-wake cycle is dependent on both of these components.

  • L-Taurine – Taurine is a well-known amino acid that contributes in the reduction of anxiety. It assists the neurotransmitter GABA function efficiently, allowing the brain to relax and encourage relaxation. To reap the maximum benefits of taurine supplements that range from between 1 and three grams of taurine, it must be consumed before the time of bed.

  • L-Theanine – The people who take L-theanine could be in a position to fall asleep faster. L-theanine can aid people in relaxing before going to bed, go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer as per a range of studies. The benefits could be due to the amino acid’s distinctive actions on brain-related chemicals in sleep.

  • Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 can aid you in falling asleep faster and decrease the time you wake up during the night. Vitamin B6 is also referred to as pyridoxine is known for its ability to alter the mood. It has an immediate effect on hormones and also protects the brain, and could even reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Magnesium – If you take it before going to bed, magnesium can aid in getting a restful night’s rest with less disturbance. Serotonin levels, which help support neurotransmitters, such as GABA as well as sleep hormones are also enhanced by magnesium. It can also help your stomach maintain an operating immune system that is healthy and well-maintained.

How To Consume Delta Sleep?

Each of the ingredients of Delta Sleep has undergone an ingredients test to guarantee its safety and effectiveness. Gluten is a protein that has no essential nutrients in it, was not used to make this supplement. Gluten-free supplements are healthier compared to other supplements containing gluten.

Delta Sleep capsule is also dairy-free. As a result, no saturated fats, sugar, and salt enter your body which again makes this supplement healthier to use.

The supplement is legal because it has been manufactured by FDA and followed by strict GMP guidelines, so there is no need to doubt its quality. The supplement is a combination of 18 natural ingredients which help in strengthening your sleep and energizing your mind and body. It is said to be as safe as a daily multivitamin.

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules a day,  20-30 minutes before going to bed. More than the recommended dosage may lead to several other health issues. The supplement generally loses its efficacy after a stipulated time. Delta Sleep supplement will get expired after 2 years from the manufacturing date and so the customers should be aware of the date while purchasing.

Benefits Of Delta Sleep

The revitalizing rest formula resets your brain to rejuvenate your natural sleep. Here’s how Delta Sleep supports your health:

  • Restores a Natural Sleep Cycle – The powerful antioxidants present in Delta Sleep regulate your biological clock to promote a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Delta Sleep uses melatonin to improve both sleep quality and sleep quantity i.e. how deep you sleep and how long you stay asleep.

  • Feeds the Brain – Delta Sleep nourishes your brain cells and helps recuperate when they are overworked, producing a calming effect that induces sleep. Additionally, the formula acts as a nootropic to improve the function of brain cells, thereby boosting brain performance.
feeds the brain
  • Relaxes the Body & Mind – Delta Sleep is infused with powerful adaptogens that relax both the mind and body to help you fall asleep easily. The formula acts as a deep relaxant to dial down brain activity before bed so that you can enjoy a slow-wave deep sleep.

  • Enhances Cognition – Delta Sleep improves your cognitive function while simultaneously supporting your brain health. It particularly boosts executive functions, such as motivation, attention, memory, and creativity.

Is There Any Side Of Delta Sleep?

The calming supplement is made from natural ingredients. Customers haven’t had any adverse consequences after using the product.

Delta Sleep Shipping And Money-Back Policy

You can return the product within 60 calendar days of purchasing. The item should be shipped in its original packaging with the proof and receipt attached within. The item can also be exchanged if it is defective or damaged. Shipping costs should be given which is non-refundable and once the refund is initiated, shipping charges will be deducted from the refund amount. 

An email can be sent to the following email id to know the instructions on how to mail the item.

Should You Buy Delta Sleep?

Sleep is as important as food and water in our day-to-day lives. A good night’s sleep helps you to wake up the next day with full energy and positivity. There are millions of people suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, narcolepsy, etc. Poor sleep or no sleep affects your mental health as well as physical health.

From other Delta Sleep reviews on the internet, the Delta Sleep capsule is said to be a health supplement that helps in regulating your body’s natural clock.

The antioxidants and neuroprotective properties aid in promoting brain health thereby making you stay energized. Delta Sleep benefits include improving sleep quality and also boosting the cognitive functions in the brain.

Most of the Delta Sleep customer reviews who used this supplement have not marked many Delta Sleep side effects and recommend a safe try.

Final Verdict – Aktiv Formulations Delta Sleep

The Aktiv Formulations Delta Sleep supplement is a capsule which contains the strength of plant energy and nutrients that help users get back to healthy sleep. This is only a supplement which enhances brain function and people’s health within a matter of days. When used on a consistent basis, this powerful supplement stops the user from developing insomnia, stress or brain fog and so on..

There are many successful Aktiv Formulations Delta Sleep user results, transparent composition, and risk-free purchase, guaranteeing the product’s security and authenticity. This also gives a potential purchaser the confidence to try Aktiv Formulations Delta Sleep for the first time without risk.


  • There are hundreds and hundreds of Delta Sleep clients that have given the product a favorable review
  • The components used in creating Delta Sleep are 100% organic, and there are no harmful substances that could cause negative side effects to your health.
  • It is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and follows strict guidelines (GMP).
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Science-backed product
  • Regulates natural sleep cycle
  • Protects the brain from cell damages
  • Relieves stress and enhances your mood
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Improves the cognitive functions in the brain


  • People below the age of 18 and pregnant women are not recommended to take the Delta Sleep supplement.
  • People on any medication should seek the help of a doctor before use.
  • Results may vary

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  1. Holden Caulfield

    Relaxium sleep didn’t work very well for me but I got my money back so its ok. I will test the Delta Sleep and report back soon!

    1. GreggT

      How did you get your ‘money back’ ?

      1. Holder Caulfield

        You need to contact them. I used this page, At the botton of that page click o “contact us”, there you will find all the ways to get in touch with them, you can email or call them. Remember that you have to pay for the shipping now, and that kinda sucks. Hope I help you. Btw I have been taking harmonium sleep for 3 weeks and it is just amazing, I’m sleeping like a baby!!

    2. James

      It is not effective for me at all. I think this is false advertising.

  2. Rich

    This product had no effect on me good or bad. Their web site is vague and tricks you into a subscription when they advertised sending a trial sample. There is no receipt given when you order so you don’t know they signed you up for a subscription. There is no packing list included in the shipment so you still don’t know what is going on. Then a few weeks later they charge your credit card for the monthly subscription. I contacted Visa and explained all of this and they immediately canceled my credit card and sent me a new one.

  3. Ray Schultz

    I ordered the Relaxium Sleep through an automated phone process indicating I only wanted the free sample for shipping cost of $7.95 with no other financial obligation. This was an option on the automated ordering call. They sent 2 bottles and charged me $119 which I discovered after the 30 day trial. They claimed this was covered under the terms of their website which was not part of my phone ordering process. Very disappointed in their deceptive marketing practices and they refused to credit my account. Surprised that Govenor Huckabee endorses this product will all the complaints on deceptive billing practices.

    1. jon williams

      Thanx for that , I almost made that mistake.

    2. Milton Perron

      I was suckered into it because of Huckabee. I can’t believe he is connected to this scam. And now he brought this woman into it that he says is his wife, maybe she is, I hate to believe that he would do this to his wife.
      Luckily my credit card people notified me that they had had placed a 119 dollar charge and we cancelled and they issued me a. new card to keep them from hitting me again.
      I understand from others that reported the scam that they received two bottles, I received only one but was charged for two.
      I am 86 years old and should know better, I never mess with this crap that comes out on tv. My only excuse is that I was a 100% follower of Gov. Huckabee. (Remember “SAY IT AIN’T SO, JOE”). I hope he realizes what he is doing and apologizes to the public.

      1. Bill G.

        I too believed Gov. Huckabee, . . . but, he scammed us.
        Just like he did with the Pres. Trump History books. (Over charged, and under-delivered)
        I’m sure Mike got a generous cut.

  4. Jorge

    Relaxium Sleep is a scam, and Governor Mike Huckaby should be ashamed of it. The so called “free” bottle is not free at all as they attached 2 extra orders of bottles in which they will charge for all of them. It’s a scam!!

  5. John

    I have a sleep apnea condition that leaves me with 30+ breathing cessation events per hour. I had to get a special C-PAP called a BiPAP (which keeps track of them) to get it under control. That reduced the events to about 11 per hour. Finally I tried Delta Sleep and now – with the machine, I’m down to 5 events per hour. I have persistent bouts of insomnia that seem to have subsided some too. Started and stopped a few times just to be sure – it’s not a cure-all but for me, it works.

  6. Angelo Aristo

    When I called the toll free number, they immediately want your credit card number, there is no actual person to talk to to find out how much money this stuff is supposed to cost you, I don’t give that info freely especially when it is a possible scam and you spend more time fighting (to get a refund) then you do sleeping, they really need to clean up their act if they are going to be honest about their product and the warranty and return policy. (DON’T BUY RELAXIUM SLEEP)

  7. Ira

    On Fox Business your commercial states “we are GIVING AWAY 1000 BOTTLES!” I don’t think so! You are SELLING 1000 bottles with (supposedly) guarantee money back. Most people don’t bother to send back the bottle so you are making out on them!
    BUT…such a gimmick!
    BTW- my wife used Delta Sleep. She slept every night!

  8. MIckey

    Relaxium sleep product is a scam. Bought the 7.95 Bottle to try, charged my card $119.00. Called could not get them on phone, called credit card company and they got my money back. It does not work either. Scam.
    Don*t waste your money.

  9. susan jeffrey

    i have taken a form of unisom that doesnt have benedryl. Not many sleep pills do. It was recommended to be a pharmacist and take 1/2 tab each night and have for 20 yrs. If this other stops working for you , you might try this pill > i buy it at walgreens and buy their version of it. works great.sue

  10. Karen

    I ordered 1 bottle and had it sent tomy son. They sent 2 bottles to him and 2 bottles to me. I only wanted the trial bottle for him. I look at my bank statement and they have charged my card $119 x 2 causing me to be over drawn at the bank. They reimburse me part of my money and I will have to wait on the other. I had to send the bottles back and wait on them for my refund. I do not have extra money to wait on them. My money is tied up and I need it. Senior citizen living from one pay check to the next. This has really caused me problems. No more ordering!!! – Avoid Relaxium Sleep!!!!

  11. Linda L Gorman

    Cancel all that has my email on it and give my money back . lindagorman60 going to call better Business bureau in Ar

    1. David Sevick

      These people are scam artist. Do not deal with them.

  12. Joe

    I am shocked Mike endorses this as I always considered him an honest person. It is not free at all. They give you a short time to experiment and then the real charges begin. Did not work for me at all!! The VA gave me something else and that did the job but not relaxium sleep. It is a product to be avoided as it is expensive and worthless.

  13. Philip F Pace

    Total waste of time and money. Hey Mike, it “doesn’t” work. Show some integrity and get with the CEO and fix not only the product, but the billing scam. Not to mention serious side effects from taking this JUNK.

    1. Nicholas Hammer

      I too was scammed, the trial turned into a $119.80 charge when delivered. Good thing I checked the site and found the charge and when I called to cancel the order I was told that it was in the terms of agreement…yikes!
      Finally after MUCH haggling I was told that I should return to sender when received and I will not be billed and all charges will be refunded…yeah rite. I do not believe them whatsoever. We will see.
      IT IS A SCAM NO DOUBT ABOUT IT AND I TOLD THEM SO, though they said not so…whatever!

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