Steel Bite Pro is a dental health supplement sold exclusively online through The supplement uses natural ingredients to rebuild teeth and eliminate tooth decay.

Just take two capsules of Steel Bite Pro daily, then let the natural ingredients get to work. The makers of Steel Bite Pro claim their formula uses ingredients that cause your saliva to have antibiotic effects. When your saliva has antibiotic effects, it kills bacteria circulating around your mouth. That’s how Steel Bite Pro claims to stop tooth decay and other serious oral health issues.

Steel Bite Pro is priced at $70 per bottle. You can only buy the supplement through The supplement was made by a man named Thomas Spear, a chemistry teacher who treated his own serious dental health problem using the ingredients in Steel Bite Pro.

How Does Steel Bite Pro Work?

Thomas Spear advertises his Steel Bite Pro formula as a “60 seconds dental trick” that will “rebuild your teeth and gums and get rid of tooth decay,” among other benefits.

Just take two capsules of Steel Bite Pro daily, then enjoy powerful relief from serious dental health issues.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria chipping away at your teeth’s natural defenses. When left untreated over time, tooth decay will continue to worsen. Typically, you need dental surgery or implants to avoid serious health complications. If the bacteria in your teeth reach your bloodstream, you could develop disease in other parts of your body. Doctors will remove the infected, decaying, or broken tooth, then add an implant.

The makers of Steel Bite Pro claim you don’t need implants to get rid of tooth decay. Instead, the official website explains that Steel Bite Pro is “better than implants” for rebuilding teeth and gums while eliminating tooth decay.

To achieve these benefits, Steel Bite Pro uses natural ingredients that force your saliva to adopt antibiotic characteristics. Steel Bite Pro contains a blend of herbal extracts that have antioxidant, antibacterial, and antibiotic capabilities. By ingesting these herbal extracts daily, you can purportedly give your saliva the power to eliminate tooth decay.

Ingredients of Steel Bite Pro

The ingredients in Steel Bite Pro have been specially selected to stimulate enamel formation, reduce Gum Disease risk and strengthen teeth. They do this by increasing the amount of plaque-fighting bacteria on the tooth’s surface, leading to fewer issues with bad breath or cavities. Below is a breakdown of the ingredients in the product:

supplement facts steel bite pro
  • Berberine, Turmeric, and Milk Thistle are three of the most powerful ingredients in fighting plaque. They work together to break up existing dental problems like gum disease or tooth decay-causing loosening, leading to pain over time if left untreated! These plants also have other benefits, such as treating damage caused by heavy metals ingestion; this includes helping the liver heal after taking supplements containing too much.
  • The three herbal extracts in Steel Bite Pro contain Artichoke, Chanca Piedra, and Red Raspberry. These ingredients are designed to locate bacteria colonies while also fighting inflammation, making it easier for the blood to clot when users are injured or experiencing any other form of bleeding disorder such as deep cut injuries. Typically, an ingredient that helps with this would have some coagulant properties causing the issue at hand rather than solving them outright as they do here!
  • Yarrow and Beetroot are two plants that have been used for centuries to treat various ailments. Many people take them before they work out, in an attempt to help with blood pressure or support exercise performance – but how do these effects actually happen? The makers behind Steel Bite claim that nitric oxide “powers up” the saliva’s healing properties, strengthening connective tissue within the mouth. However, it isn’t clear exactly what this means (or if there’s even really any connection at all).
  • The four ingredients used by Steel Bite Pro are dandelion extract, alfalfa leaf powder, jujube seeds, and Zinc. These all have been said to help repair teeth whilst filling any cracks in the mouth’s enamel. The company claims its products contain rich iron, calcium, and magnesium potassium, which can be beneficial if people seek healthy relief from dryness or pain around this area.
  • The four plants that Steel Bite Pro uses to reduce inflammation and improve mineral absorption in the teeth include Chicory Root, Celery Seed Burdock Root Yellow Dock. These ingredients have been reported as making it easier for the tooth enamel to absorb minerals which can help prevent cavities from forming properly.
  • Steel Bite Pro is a new company that just released three ingredients to fight off bacteria and relieve pain without the side effects associated with harmful drugs. The product uses Grape Seed Extract, Ginger Root extract – which has been shown in clinical trials as effective against oral cancer, and a few fevers for their natural healing properties.
  • Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and can be found in many foods like eggs, fish fillets, or soybeans. It has been said that they strengthen gums by providing support for bodily processes, but this is unclear at best since there’s no research to back up these claims.

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Benefits of Using the Product

Steel Bite Pro has an impressive list of features that make it stand out from the competition. Let users take a look at some benefits in this summarized below:

  1. The powerful antibacterial mix in this product will help people get rid of any bad bacteria that might be lurking around their mouths.
  2. The increased saliva power will allow people to kill more microbes and bacteria in their mouths, making it easier for the ingredients of this product to work their magic.
  3. This can be significant in helping with certain respiratory illnesses, such as those that affect the larynx or vocal cords.
  4. Steel Bite Pro is an amazing product that speeds up the healing process. Some ingredients found in this formula have regenerative properties, which can help heal the body much quicker than usual.
  5. It also has antiviral properties, which can protect people from the virus.

Who is Steel Bite Pro for?

Steel Bite Pro can help people maintain their dental hygiene by preventing tooth decay and gum disease. This supplement is intended for adults only, so make sure that they’re not children before purchasing it.

This supplement is patented and has been clinically tested to see if it works. The results show that the user’s oral health gets better over time while drinking this item, so there are no side effects when using as directed.

Steel Bite Pro properties can help alleviate gum disease by killing bacteria reducing inflammation which stops the recession and weakening of the teeth. It also strengthens the strong dental enamel with essential minerals such as Zinc. So not only will it make sure that nobody has any signs or symptoms from their periodontal condition. There’s a chance they might never know anything existed until now because this product takes care of everything: trauma caused by grinding motions during sleep plus tooth decay – two major causes behind root canal treatment needed anyway due to lack.

Side Effects of Steel Bite Pro

Steel Bite Pro contains various natural ingredients, so there are no side effects to worry about. People can take two capsules per day if they keep within the recommended dosage and never go higher than this amount.

Please note that if anyone takes more than three capsules per day, it might cause side effects such as mild to extreme ones. When experiencing any symptom or discomfort while taking this product, immediately stop and seek medical attention for the condition.


Take two capsules with a glass of water per day.

Steel Bite Pro Pricing

Users won’t find a better source of natural teeth-strengthening vitamins for less than $69. If customers order multiple bottles at once, the price drops to just 49 cents apiece or 59¢ if purchasing three units. The manufacturers want users to get the best deal possible, so they break pricing down as follows:

  1. One bottle cost $69 with free US shipping
  2. Three bottles cost $177 with Free Shipping
  3. Six bottles have a discount of over 25%.

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